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март 2015

Создано Forgeron Cellars

The Wine Explorers find 2011 GSM a "Beautiful Discovery » Thinking outside the box: That was our goal before starting our tour of American vineyards. Many have taken us for oddballs when we decided not to go to California – the super star of the country which accounts for 90% of the country’s wine production.

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Создано Pinosity (blog, Australie)

The last French explorer to take on Tasmania was Nicolas Baudin in 1802. Unlike his English contemporaries, Baudin was more interested in observing than conquering, making extensive notes on Aboriginal people, plants and animals before flitting off to Timor and Mauritius.

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Создано Pro Dégustation

Lors de notre dernier billet relatant les aventures des Wine Explorers en janvier, nous vous faisions part de leur arrivée imminente en Australie. Aujourd’hui sur le point de quitter la Nouvelle-Zélande pour rejoindre l’Indonésie, revenons sur leur expérience au pays d’Oz.

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