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Jean-Baptiste Ancelot (JB) – Founder/Writer
Founder of the WINE Explorers’ project, blogger and globetrotter.
Citizen of the world. With a Masters of Business Administration in Wines and Spirits and the WSET Advanced degree, Jean-Baptiste has chosen to devote his life to wine and traveling. At 28, still an insatiable adventurer, he wants to continue to expand his horizons. “After having lived in Zurich, Hong Kong and New York, I wanted to travel the world and meet the men and women who make wine, in order to understand and share the fruit of their labor. Because the history of wine is intimately tied to the history of humanity, and I really want to discover their secrets.”
Why WINE Explorers? As Jacques Delille used to say: “the greatest happiness is the one which we share“. Such a project could not exist without being shared. WINE Explorers is above all a human adventure in which we are all actors.
Bedside book: Das Parfum by Patrick Süskind
Songs on his mp3: Azure – Paul Kalkbrenner; The Popopopops – Pure; BO de Into the Wild – Eddie Vedder; Korn – Somebody Someone.
Stéphane Diné – Transporter/Logistics coordinator
Coordinates the logistics, the transportation and the delivery in France of the samples coming from wine producing countries all over the world
Above all a disciple of Epicurus. 34 years old, with a business school degree, a real athlete, great cook and theater buff, Stéphane likes to spend time with his friends and prepare meals for them. His number 1 interest: wine and gastronomy! Stéphane is proud to report that he is a disciple of Epicurus, who said: “the greatest pleasure is the absence of pain". So, as a good disciple, he strives to attain the ultimate degree of happiness by enjoying the good things in life and using his senses.
Why WINE Explorers? “When Jean-Baptiste came to talk to me about this ambitious project, I saw in his eyes all the passion which motivates him. Hegel said: "Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion"... so we are off for an exceptional, memorable and epic adventure!”
Bedside book: Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
Songs on his mp3: U2 - With or without you; Foster the people - Pumped up kicks; Afterlife - Speck of gold; Tycho - A Walk

Ludovic Pollet (Ludo/Ludwig) – Cameraman/Producer
Cameraman and photographer of the WINE Explorers’ adventure.

An adventurer on the edge. At 27, with a Master’s degree in audiovisual management and communication, Ludovic loves to travel. Crazy about images, always looking for new challenges, today he is off to photograph the world through the prism of wine. A perfectionist – he takes all the time he needs to do things well -, an explorer and above all a nature-lover, he is continuously involved in reporting assignments or preparing documentaries, like the ones produced with Philippe Croizon, which particularly impressed him.
Why WINE Explorers? “To have, at the center of my life, the challenges, encounters and experiences that will add spice for the next three years. What I like about this adventure is exploring as a group, because happiness is real only if it is shared. The idea of taking photographs of vineyards all around the world quickly seduced me.”
Bedside book: my notebook of ideas and inspirations
Song on his mp3: Misteur Valaire

Amandine Fabre (Amand’Ine) – Oenologist
Responsible for organizing and running the WINE Explorers tastings in France, she heads the tasting committee.

A nature-lover proud of her roots. With a degree in oenology and agricultural engineering, specialized in viti-viniculture, Amandine is the daughter of wine makers in the Corbières wine region, and has become a wine maker herself. Very attached to her roots, Amandine likes to share her love of the soil, the wine and the fascinating history of her native Languedoc. “Many things fill me with wonder… I love the feeling of liberty, of discovering my region and spending time here with my friends.” She has a special weakness for chopped parsley and garlic, especially as a seasoning for clams!
Why WINE Explorers? “I had already planned on following this project very closely, as we had discussed it and I thought it was fabulous. Titanic and so interesting in this context of globalization… And I can really relate to it as I also want to discover wine from a different perspective. Jean-Baptiste’s enthusiasm was contagious. It was just not possible to refuse experiencing this adventure from the inside!”
Bedside book: a good detective story…
Songs on her mp3: Ain’t Got no - Nina Simone (full blast in the cellars during the vinification !!), because music gives rhythm to life!

Winy (Wine-ee)
Official Mascot and Ambassador of the Wine Explorers’ adventure around the world.

Guide in the saoul. Winy is a globe-trotting adventurer and curious about everything. A rusher of unusual places. His motto: "Open your eyes to the world". Ambassador of good taste above all, Winy will take us everywhere to meet the Men of the world and discover their cultures.
En route, follow the guide !