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And what if the great wine terroirs had not yet all been discovered ?

To travel the whole planet of wine. To discover new terroirs. To bring to light emerging countries. To visit regions in the making. To meet atypical winegrowers. To taste out of the ordinary wines. This is the ambition of WINE Explorers, a unique project to take an inventory of all the wine producing countries of the world.

An unprecendentetd adventure to highlight the richness of the world’s vineyards, to reveal unknown and very original great growths, hidden treasures from far away winegrowing regions. A titanic project : 3 years of travels, 92 countries explored, 250 winegrowing regions targeted, 1 500 vineyards surveyed, over 15 000 wines tasted.

To broaden the scope of information concerning the wine world’s heritage and make it accessible, this is the objective of this project. Still today 80% of the wine producing countries remain unknown to the general public. The planet WINE is still to be explored and this is exactly the challenge we want to rise up to and share with you.

Join the WINE Explorers’ adventure and come with us to meet the players of the wine world from the four corners of the earth. A human approach. Personal accounts full of history and tradition. An emphasis on the terroirs. And everything relayed by photos, videos, articles and anecdotes. Let’s go !