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A world reference in the production and sales of top wines, VIDELOT is a holding company with family values, initiated by Jean-François Moueix, Chairman of Videlot, in charge of strategy. It is also a collective success where the human factor is at the center of the company. Jean Moueix, son of Jean-François, is CEO since 2011.

VIDELOT revolves around two core businesses, production with Petrus and sales with Duclot, the umbrella brand of the group which is split in two:
-Duclot Professionnels, which includes Duclot Export, Duclot La Vinicole and Duclot Major Accounts.
-Duclot Particuliers, devoted to sales to private customers. This branch encompasses prestigious retail stores such as Badie and l’Intendant in Bordeaux, Chai & Bar in Brussels and la Bordeauxthèque in Paris and Beijing, ProDégustation for wine tasting classes and Chateaunet, the internet site of the group in France for private customers.

Modern, dynamic and in close touch with consumers all over the world, VIDELOT was naturally moved by the philosophy of the WINE Explorers adventure.

“I am delighted to be the sponsor of this great adventure. To go off the beaten path, and with no preconceived ideas in order to search out unknown or little known vineyards all around the world with the hope of finding real treasures and making them known – lots of discoveries on the horizon! I am sponsoring this project in order to see a positive evolution of the world of wine, more modern and in tune with the new habits and trends of wine consumption”, says Jean Moueix – CEO of VIDELOT and sponsor of WINE Explorers.

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Key figures
- 2nd largest transportation and logistics services provider in the world
- 20.3 billion euros of annual revenues in 2012
- More than 2,000 locations in some 130 countries around the globe
- More than 96,000 employees

Global logistics expertise
DB Schenker stands for performance, service and safety, regardless of the complexity or extent of logistics tasks and requirements. Merging international markets and increasing flows of goods are challenges we face every day, and at the same time are what drives our business. Our customers, from regional family-owned companies to international corporations, must be able to act with increasing speed and flexibility – and on a global scale.

DB SCHENKERbeverages
Best logistics for quality beverages
At DB Schenker, we share your passion for fine beverages. We have been the expert partner for the wine and beverage industry for years. Specialized teams in all of the key countries develop customized services for wine as well as all other types of beverages.

We provide you global door-to-door import and export services. All modes of transportation, including ship, train, truck and airplane, are available to you. Temperature-controlled storage and delivery of bottles and liquids in Flexi-bags or ISO tank containers protect the high quality of your liquid freight.

What is more natural for a global company than supporting a global project?!

« When I saw the passion aroused internally by the WINE Explorers project, in every branch all over the world and at every decision level, I realized that we were to write a very beautiful story together. A real logistic challenge because no provider has tacked such a project yet - 92 countries, this means 92 different legislations to transport alcoholic beverages. An outstanding challenge indeed, but so much valuable for our staff. We are all Explorers! », exclaim Stéphane Diné - Head of business development, beverages vertical market, Region Europe West at DB Schenker

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