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February 2014

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This is the ambition of WINE Explorers, a unique project to take an inventory of all the wine producing countries of the world. An unprecendented adventure to highlight the richness of the world’s vineyards, to reveal unknown and very original great growths, hidden treasures from far away winegrowing regions.

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Edited by La Feuille de Vigne

C'est le rêve qu'on a tous. Prendre quelques mois ou années, faire le tour du monde, aller enfin découvrir tous les vignobles dont on a un jour goûté les vins, aux quatre coins de la planète.

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Edited by The Drinks Business

Taken at the Kristall Kellerei Winery which produces both red and white wines in average temperatures of 34 degrees. The winery is owned by Michael and Katrin Weder who grow Colombard and Ruby Cabernet grapes.

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Edited by The Drinks Business

The wine explorers continued their adventure in Namibia this week. The team have set off on a three-year adventure to explore the world’s most obscure wine regions.

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