And what if the great wine terroirs had not yet all been discovered ?

To travel the whole planet of wine.
To discover new terroirs.
To meet atypical winegrowers.
To bring to light unique vineyards.
To taste out of the ordinary wines.
To share these explorations with you.

This is the ambition of WINE Explorers, unique census of all wine producing countries in the world.

A titanic wine project

An unprecedented adventure to highlight the richness of the world's vineyards, reveal the unknown and most original wines.
88 countries explored
548 wineries visited
6872 wines tasted
395180 km traveled

Our goal: to enrich the information on the world wine heritage.
When we know that 80% of the world wine terroirs are still unknown, we can imagine that the wine planet remains to explore. A nice challenge that we wanted to achieve and share with you.

Join the WINE EXPLORERS adventure and discover wine with new eyes.
A human approach. Testimonials full of history and tradition. A highlight of the terroirs. All transcribed via photos, videos, articles and anecdotes. En route!